The Airline Digital Index

The Airline Digital Index Report on the digitalization of airlines
In late 2019, our Research & Intelligence team published the first Airline Digital Index Report (ADiX), benchmarking the degree of digitalization of airlines. The team compares 26 major airlines in Europe and the Americas across four major categories – Digital Organization, Digital Strategy, Digital Product and Digital Engagement.

The applied methodology follows a strictly data-based approach. The team analysed hundreds of thousands of data points. Among others, metrics like Digital Workforce, Digital Initiatives, Mobile AppUsage and Web Engagement are being discussed in the report.
  • The first of its kind purely data-driven Airline Digital Index (ADiX)
  • An overall ranking of the most digital airlines
  • A new benchmarking standard for measuring digitalization in the airline industry
pages deep-dive into digitization of airlines
major airlines analyzed
fully quantitative metrics
data points
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