#Stronger Together LHG Community

The community for Lufthansa Group (LHG) employees on short-time working
To boost the team spirit and foster the interdisciplinary knowledge transfer of LHG colleagues on short-time working during the corona pandemic, we created the #StrongerTogetherLHG Community.

In addition to the development of the platform and its content, the team’s focus was on managing the various community groups through our community captains. The community groups cover a wide range of interest areas such as family, sports, culture, health, digital education and social topics. Furthermore, two communities are specific to sustainability and innovation in the LHG.
  • >3.000 active users from 58 LHG business units
  • Content tailored to short-time work specific interest areas
  • Unconventional and data driven content from the travel and mobility tech ecosystem for the sustainability and innovation communities
boost of team- and LHG spirit despite the social distance
increase of the digital savviness within LHG through the application of remote-work formats
digital education formats in times of short-time working
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