TNMT Air Taxi Report

Are Air Taxis Ready For Prime Time?
In February 2021, our Research & Intelligence team published the report "Are Air Taxis Ready For Prime Time?", an investigation into the status quo of the air taxi market. The study looks at the topic from different perspectives to create a holistic view of it. The following four categories are analysed: Global Media, Venture Capital, Academic Research and Patent Landscape.

The methodology used always strictly follows a data-based approach. The analysis is based on thousands of data points, including media buzz, public sentiment, investment deal size, research paper output and patent output.
  • First comprehensive study on the status quo of the air taxi market and its players
  • Overview of the most important start-ups, investors and research institutions
  • Data-based forecasts on the future of the market and its participants
pages full of charts and insights
venture capital deals analysed
predictions on developments shaping the industry in the future
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