Trend Report

Trend-Report on “The State of Travel & Mobility Tech”
Our Research & Intelligence Team continuously works on unconventional, data-driven market intelligence on the most relevant trends in Travel & Mobility Tech, aiming to reveal the driving forces behind the radical shifts affecting our industry.

With their first trend-report on the state of Travel & Mobility Tech in 2019, our analysts have published an in-depth analysis of the funding trends, the most well-funded startups and the most active investors in this sector. The report draws conclusions about the ability to innovate of the sector and highlights the most pressing shifts affecting Travel & Mobility Tech in the years to come.
  • First LIH trend report on the state of the Travel & Mobility Tech
  • Data-driven analysis on the funding and founding dynamics in the context of travel and mobility
  • Overview of the most important startups and tech players in this field
pages deep-dive into Travel & Mobility Tech
data analysis on the status quo of the global startup-scene in 2019
key trends, that will shape the sector in the years to come
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