Our team brings together a wide range of experience from the startup world: We know how to build digital business models and understand how to invest in startups as a corporate entity. We’re connected with the world's most important tech players and constantly keep an eye on any startup or investment that might be relevant to the Lufthansa Group. We are all united by our passion for shaping Lufthansa's digital transformation – driving it from a market perspective.
The Team

Gleb Tritus

Managing Director
Responsible for the development of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, and for maintaining its
foothold in the tech ecosystem.

Professional experience: Tech entrepreneur and angel investor with a passion for e-commerce and online marketing, CEO of various startups

Lennart Dobravsky

Director Research & Intelligence
Responsible for running the Innovation Hub’s research activities, screening the global travel-tech scene, and evaluating important developments for the Lufthansa Group.

Professional experience: Market research analyst at Bain & Company, previous marketing experience in consumer goods and media rights

Kolin Schunck

Research & Intelligence Analyst
Research, analysis, and evaluation of future topics and trends in Travel & Mobility Tech and organization of academic partnerships.

Professional experience: Research consultant in the field of Intellectual Property Management of the Airbus Group, researcher at the WHU – Otto Beisheim School for Management and Management Trainee at a chemical and pharmaceutical trader

Xiaowei Zhang

Research & Intelligence Analyst Asia
Runs data-driven research initiatives in the travel and mobility tech scene in Asia.

Professional experience: Business intelligence analyst at a travel ticketing startup, associate at KPMG


Dieu Ly Tran

Junior Research & Intelligence Analyst
Analyses developments in the Travel and Mobility Tech ecosystem and supports our BUILD team in data-related operations.

Professional experience: Data analyst at a Dutch application software company, project & event management, consulting and data analytics

Stefan Nothelfer

Director Partnerships
Establishes partnerships around digital business models between startups, leading tech companies, and the Lufthansa Group.

Professional experience: innovation management, research and aviation, at the Center for Digital Technology & Management (CDTM), Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Porsche Consulting, Pudong Airport, and Lufthansa Technik

Sebastian Strube

Head of Corporate Relationship
Responsible for the liaison between LIH and Lufthansa Group.

Professional experience: 10+ years in the aviation industry, e.g. LH Cargo, LH Group Corporate Strategy, Joint Venture & Partnership Management

Christine Wang

Head of Business Development Asia
Establishes the LIH presence in Asia and amplifies our value proposition across SEA and China. Christine translates between start-ups and corporates to break down barriers and build partnerships.

Professional Experience: Management consultant, venture builder & entrepreneur across Europe, USA, China with 12+ years of digital & innovation experience

Joyce Huang

Partnership Manager Asia
Builds successful partnership between startups, leading tech players and the Lufthansa Group in Asia.

Professional experience: Microsoft Singapore Bizspark program manager, Community Lead at Xiaomi Global, e-commerce startup founder

Henning Bublies

Director Venture Development
Responsible for all Venture Development activities – from inhouse-developed digital services to strategic partnerships with startups.

Professional experience: Managing Director at Orange Games Germany, Managing Director & CEO at Plinga GmbH

Kristian Weymar

Senior Venture Development Manager
Develops and validates new digital services. Currently focuses on innovative pricing models in the airline industry.

Professional experience: Business development at Zalando, strategy consulting and portfolio/investment management at various financial firms

René Braun

Senior Venture Development Manager
Develops new business models and helps strengthening the ties to the startup ecosystem. Currently reinvents loyalty in the mobility sector. Venture Lead: Rydes.

Professional experience: Digitization manager of the open innovation platform Beyond1435 and strategic consultant of the managing board at Bombardier

Niklas Weidmann

Venture Development Manager
Focuses on KI-based business models, drives the product development of our loyalty app RYDES.

Professional experience: Business Development Manager at Amorelie

Bas Bouten

Venture Development Manager
Develops new digital business models and takes care of the monetization strategies of our ventures.

Professional experience: Venture Development Manager at Venture Capitalist Project-A Ventures and Manager Corporate Development with focus on M&A/Growth at Amorelie

Dan Kreibich

Venture Development Manager
Develops new digital business models. Our expert for offsetting solutions and Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Venture Lead: Compensaid.

Professional experience: Business development at Flightright, controlling and cockpit capacity planning experience at Lufthansa

Antonia Kirchfeld

Venture Development Manager
Develops new digital business models. She helps to grow our Compensaid platform into an industry-wide solution.

Professional experience: Experience in strategy consulting with a focus on agile product development, planning & controlling in the logistics and biotechnology industry

Fabrice Diedrich

Working Student Venture Development
Part of the Compensaid Venture Development Team, he focuses on business intelligence and innovating new product features.

Professional experience: Experience in building MVPs in Design and Software Engineering

Aylin Ceylan

Venture Development Manager
Assists with the creation of platform business models and oversees the development of Lufthansa Open API.

Professional experience: Project management in the healthcare industry, corporate development at Bertelsmann, positions at various startups

Tobias Ignatzek

Junior Venture Development Manager
Currently supports the development of a digital platform that helps airlines to offer customers innovative pricing modules.

Professional experience: corporate strategy at Deutsche Bahn AG


Antonius Rittberg

Junior Venture Development Manager
Develops new digital business models and helps to bring to life a platform for innovative pricing models for the airline industry.

Professional experience: Business Development at Spotahome and Zalora.


Lena Hautzer

Senior Transformation Manager
Responsible for the Transform Ambition of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub towards the Lufthansa Group. Spreads the mindset, working style and tools of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub across the Lufthansa Group to transfer knowledge and build bridges between both sides.

Professional experience: management consultant with focus on strategy implementation; various engagements in online marketing, research and digital communication

Florian Brückner

Senior Transformation Manager
Fosters exchange between the Lufthansa Innovation Hub and the Lufthansa Group to accelerate the wider digital transformation agenda and shape mindsets, skillsets and toolsets.

Professional Experience: Engagement lead at global management consultancy with focus on digital transformation programmes in large organizations and topics of digital strategy, digital innovation and digital capabilities. Background in the aviation and airline industry

Constanze Quirin

Transformation Manager
Transfers our findings, ways of thinking and methods from the tech world into the Lufthansa Group and develops and executes formats, trainings and events for this purpose.

Professional experience: project management in an international IT consultancy as well as for a telecommunications company, online marketing in a start-up environment

Sonja Möbius

Working Student Transform
Supports the knowledge transfer of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub into the Lufthansa Group.

Professional experience: Communication in the Lufthansa Group Asia-Pacific headquarters, Public Relations for an international technology company

Christina Walke

Head of Communications
Directs the communication at the Innovation Hub – an expert in brand, press, and product communication.

Professional experience: Strategic brand and marketing campaign development at leading creative agencies and a Munich-based travel startup

Peter Glaser

Senior Communications Manager
Responsible for the communication of the Innovation Hub with a focus on the further development of the LIH brand and our ventures.

Professional experience: Global strategic brand management at a leading network agency in Singapore


Monica Franz

Senior Communications Manager
Runs Media Relations and further strategic external communication activities for the Lufthansa Innovation Hub and its ventures.

Professional experience: Spokesperson at Zalando, consultant at strategic communications consultancy FTI Consulting in Germany and the US

Marco Zifaro

Junior Graphic Designer
Develops the design of our research content and our digital products and services

Professional experience: Freelance designer with experience in product-, brand- und app-design

Tino Klähne

Head of Strategic Design
Provides for a continuous flow of ideas, and consistently pushes team members to put themselves in travelers’ shoes.

Professional experience: Design strategy and product development at international design studios

Vera Wienken

Strategic Designer
Creates methodologically innovative concepts and strategies for travelers of the future.

Previous positions: Global creative strategy at a design agency and automobile company in Germany and China

Minh Tam Ngo

Junior Strategic Designer
Helps our LIH teams to find ideas for new ventures and to develop them strategically. Shares her expertise with the use of strategic design frameworks with colleagues of the Lufthansa Group.

Professional experience: Design in international design studios and network agencies, innovation management at Bosch and Infront Consulting

Christine Lappen

HR Operations & Finance Manager
Acts as the go-to person for administrative procedures at the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, and supports the executive board.

Professional experience: Marketing, PR, and business development at a corporate finance consulting firm, consultant at a PR agency

Vera Herkenrath

Human Resources Manager
Responsible for all topics along the employee lifecycle, takes care of the professional growth of the entire team.

Professional experience: HR Business Partner at a Berlin e-commerce company

Louisa Jafari

Human Resources Manager
Manages the job application process at the Innovation Hub.

Professional experience: Assistant to the management team of a design firm

Yvonne Hörandl

Team Assistant
Responsible for all Team Assistant topics. The 'go-to' person for the team who is also taking care of a pleasant office-atmosphere.

Professional experiences: 360° IT Recruitment Consultant, Event Manager with an international hotel chain