About us

Our mission is to shape the near and distant future of the Lufthansa Group with new, digital business models that go beyond flying. We focus on opportunities that arise at the intersection between our parent company and the international Travel & Mobility Tech ecosystem. To respond to these various developments in travel and mobility with the greatest possible flexibility, we’ve assembled a diverse portfolio with proven expertise in all aspects of digitalization in the marketplace.
How we work

1. Our sphere of activity is Travel & Mobility Tech

We are passionate about technological change and the opportunity to transform tomorrow’s travel with digital solutions.

2. We think and act entrepreneurially

We purposely take entrepreneurial risks and test out radical new ideas. If something goes well, we scale it up. If something doesn’t, we shut it down.

3. We speak Startup and Corporate

We are an integral part of the tech ecosystem, but also feel at home in the corporate environment. By combining both worlds, we discover unique opportunities and build bridges in order to realize them.

4. We leverage the power of our parent company

We focus on areas where our expertise, skills, and values of the Lufthansa Group give us a head start in the digital world.

5. We’re driven by data, not opinions

The truest currency for our ventures is market feedback. Our assumptions are not tested in the laboratory, but always under real-world conditions.

6. We develop digital business

For us, it’s always about developing real businesses, not just nice “projects”. Each venture is based on a viable business model, an outstanding team, and industry-standard tools and methods.

The main disciplines of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub encompass five pillars.

New Business

Our Venture Development managers are entrepreneurs operating with a high degree of creative freedom, operational flexibility and responsibility. They conceptualize, develop and test business model innovations, turn them into prototypes and validate them directly with customers. Upon market fit and commercial viability of a specific venture, they strive towards a potential spin-off as a separate company, or integration within the Lufthansa Group digital organization. Set up like a lean and nimble start-up, they work in close collaboration with our internal teams as well as a wide variety of Lufthansa Group partners.

Brand & Communications

Consisting of design-, public relations- and brand experts, our Communications team masterminds the outside perception of the LIH as well as its internal perception within the Lufthansa Group. They are closely connected to all Capabilities to uncover and create stories that are amplified within Lufthansa Group as well as leading media outlets. Through a constant stream of ‘noise’, they ensure that the LIH and its ventures are recognized for their leading role within the Lufthansa Group’s digital innovation ecosystem, as well as an outstanding player in the global Travel and Mobility Tech scene.

Strategic Intelligence

Our Research & Intelligence team systematically analyses and explores the developments in the global Travel and Mobility Tech ecosystem. By using state-of-the-art research tools and methodologies, they uncover trends and insights that inform our teams as well as various Lufthansa Group units and turn them into industry experts. They are masters in their field and regularly publish their unique research findings to a growing global audience and speak at leading industry event to help maintain the thought-leadership position of the LIH within the global Travel and Mobility Tech ecosystem.


Our Transform team acts as ambassador and evangelist for digital transformation within the Lufthansa Group. They constantly educate corporate decision makers on the latest relevant trends, methods and beliefs regarding digitization in general, as well as Travel and Mobility Tech specifically. Through their proprietary knowledge transfer offerings and by leveraging the broad expertise of our LIH Capabilities, they help Lufthansa Group to embody ways of thinking and methodologies of successful tech companies in its own innovation culture for the years to come.

People & Organization

Our People & Organization experts are the stars behind the scene that make the LIH one of the leading players in the global Travel and Mobility Tech ecosystem. They scout and recruit the best talent and support their individual career development once aboard. They are the guardians of our culture and values and drive team-focussed initiatives like our annual offsite or culture building events. They are also in charge of the organizational setup and make sure we got the right processes and tools in place to shape the travel and mobility journey of tomorrow.