Taking travel to new destinations

At the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, we’re pioneering the future of travel for the Lufthansa Group, the industry, but most importantly for everyone who travels. The landscape of the travel industry is changing. Our job is to identify these shifts and translate them into new business opportunities in the travel sector. We are guided by our ambition to take travel to new destinations. To achieve this, we push ourselves, the Lufthansa Group, and the industry to make travel easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable.
Our team
We are an experienced team of founders, venture capitalists, strategic designers, tech analysts, and transformation experts – but first and foremost, travel enthusiasts. Driven by our love for travel, we scan the horizon for promising market opportunities and build foundations for these opportunities to flourish.

Our offices

Our culture
What unites us, is our passion for pioneering the future of travel. Our values are the foundation of all our business and people-related activities. We keep challenging the status-quo and believe in constantly ‘pushing the limits’ to make travel easier, more convenient and more enjoyable.