Digital booking platform for team offsites
In the spring of 2023, we launched cloopio. The digital booking platform enables companies to book offsites for their employees with just a few clicks. During the process, they can choose from various offsite packages. These include services such as transfers, accommodation, meeting rooms with equipment, as well as catering and team-building activities.
More and more teams are working in hybrid or remote set-ups. As a result, remote workers feel the need to get to know their team in person, while employers are increasingly looking for ways to strengthen the sense of belonging and retention within their teams. Since the travel industry's current offerings do not cater to such desires, a new category of travel is on the rise: Blurred Travel.
Blurred travel blends areas that were previously clearly separated: the boundaries between home and office are blurred, as well as those between business and leisure travel.
  • First digital booking platform for offsite packages on the German market
  • Streamlining the fragmented booking process: booking in just a few clicks
  • Curated offer of offsite accommodations and services
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