Digital Innovation Ascent

Leadership training on digital innovation
The Digital Innovation Ascent is our flagship leadership training on digital innovation. The training is aimed at the mid-level management at Lufthansa Group and follows our belief that innovation is a core capability that is at the heart of today’s most successful organizations.
The training consists of two elements: the Base Camp, a 6-week hybrid learning journey, and the High Camps, deep dive modules of up to 1 day. The trainings are usually conducted in groups of up to 20 people. In the Base Camp, participants get to explore key digital trends and innovation methodologies, discover what characterizes innovative organizations, and learn how to nurture an environment for innovation. The High Camps offer participants the opportunity to deepen and to personalize their learning journey.
  • Blended learning journey which consists of virtual as well as in-person sessions
  • Specifically designed for the needs and goals of leaders
  • Participants work on innovative tools, methods, and mindsets
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