Mission Control

Chat-based, 24/7 travel concierge service
Mission Control is a digital travel assistant for business travelers. It works entirely via short chat messages, and for a monthly fee will complete a number of travel-related tasks: flight, train, or car rental reservations, organizing a conference room, and accounting travel expenses.

We simultaneously tested a similar product called “Secretary Kim” in South Korea: this service started mainly as a travel concierge, but over time was increasingly being used by customers as a digital personal assistant.

Service on hold – transition to new service
  • A single channel replaces all the apps, platforms, and services required for travel planning
  • The service eliminates the need for long data entries, as travel preferences and personal data have already been defined
  • Ad hoc assistance for all travel-related questions
  • Minimal time spent on travel planning
  • Thorough understanding of digital distribution channels in Asia’s high-growth markets
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