Eurowings Flight Platform

Expansion of the Eurowings route network through virtual interlining
Together with Eurowings and the Icelandic startup Dohop, we have developed the Eurowings Flight Platform, which has been built on the concept of "Virtual Interlining". The innovative feature of the booking platform: It links Eurowings flights with offers from other airlines even though no cooperation agreement exists between them. The technological basis for the search and the combination of third-party flights was contributed by Dohop. LIH accompanied the project from the first idea to the cooperation with Dohop until the final implementation.
  • Launch of our own Virtual Interlining product together with Eurowings
  • Extension of the Eurowings route network
  • Booking of connecting flights between independent airlines in one booking process
  • The transfer risk is covered by the Eurowings Flight Platform
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