Global Spaces

Digital booking platform for work spaces
In spring 2022, we launched Lufthansa Global Spaces. The online booking platform offers more than 185,000 hot desks, private offices, meeting and hotel rooms to remote workers, business travelers or small teams looking to work and collaborate effectively at Lufthansa destinations.
Global Spaces tackles the problems these groups often face: a lack of work-related infrastructure at their respective destinations, a fragmented and inconsistent booking experience and inflexible cost structures (i.e, monthly subscriptions). It allows interested parties to either book instantly or to submit price inquiries, to customize their requirements and to sign in with their Miles & More account to earn miles for each booking. The deep-integration of fulfillment partners ensures an easy and seamless booking and payment experience.
  • Transparent pay-per-use model
  • A central touch point for all customer related inquiries - no matter which provider you book with
  • Enables working from any destination
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