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‘Let’s build our airline’ - Organizational blueprint for Eurowings Discover
In 2020, the Lufthansa Innovation Hub became part of an ambitious project team focused on establishing a new airline known as Eurowings Discover. Alongside contributing knowledge and ideas in the realm of digital business models and services, the Lufthansa Innovation Hub made a more substantial contribution.

The project team's core idea was to create an organization that would operate in a distinct manner, possessing the right mindset and tools to do so. To accomplish this, colleagues from the Lufthansa Innovation Hub Transformation department developed the necessary organizational design. They not only laid the theoretical groundwork but also implemented, adjusted, and iterated upon it in a flexible and incremental manner, following the principles of a 'Minimum Viable Product' (MVP) approach. What initially started as a visionary and ambitious idea in 2020 has since evolved into a fully established company.
  • Established the organizational structure and foundation for over 700 employees to foster an innovation culture.
  • Developed a customer-centric and value-driven organizational model.
  • Integrated employee-centricity and empowerment into the organization through the implementation of new formats and routines.
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