AI Assistant for Business Travel
In summer 2023, our New Business team launched Swifty, the first autonomous AI assistant in the business travel industry. Swifty transforms the time-consuming and fragmented business travel booking process into a fast and efficient experience. It autonomously manages essential steps of business travel, encompassing planning, booking, payment, and invoicing, all within the native chat interface.

Swifty’s AI agent is based on OpenAI's GPT-4 language model and trained to clearly interpret travel-related context and booking intent of the user. Swifty engineers transformed the AI language model into a set of travel booking and support agents, working together. These agents can chat with users, and even reliably carry out concrete actions, such as booking hotels and flights.
This proves particularly advantageous for Startup employees and self-employed, since previously, no dedicated solution existed to streamline business travel for this demographic.
  • Streamlines the entire business travel booking process
  • Autonomously manages planning, booking, payment, and invoicing
  • Convenient communication via native chat interface
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