Offsetting carbon emissions using synthetic aviation fuel
CO2-neutral, synthetic fuel is one of the most promising alternatives for making the future of aviation climate-neutral. Compensaid makes it possible for travelers to offset their individual carbon footprint using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Travelers can track their flights with all airlines worldwide via the platform and receive a detailed evaluation of their entire flight history, including the individual fuel consumption, and the associated CO2 emissions. These emissions can be offset directly via the platform. Passengers can replace fossil aviation fuels one-to-one with SAF by paying the market-based surcharge for in comparison to fossil kerosene. The fuel experts of the Lufthansa Group purchase the certified alternative fuel globally and supply it to Lufthansa flight operations.
  • CO2-offset using Sustainable Aviation Fuel
  • Linking an innovative tracking tool with a compensation platform
  • One-to-One replacement of fossil fuels with CO2-neutral SAF
  • Feeding SAF into Lufthansa flight operations
fewer carbon emissions through the use of SAF
tickets of 134 different airlines uploaded in less than 10 days after launch
of SAF sold in less than 10 days after launch
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